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    Telephone network alarm system
    SK-216 Guard Alarm Controller
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    ◆ 16 wire + 16 wireless zones with microcomputer control , keypad programming and LED
    ◆Matching with various infrared detectors , fireproof and burglarproof detectors and emergency switches
    ◆ Receipt of alarm through fixed telephone , mobile phone , and 110 or 119 Command Center
    ◆ Sending alarm information via telephone line ; onsite alarm for telephone line breakdown , unauthorized connection . Short circuit
    ◆ Wireless detector and remote controller (optional rolling code) automatically learn coding
    ◆ 8 remote control units respectively control the arming and disarming of 8 zones
    ◆ Compatibility with Contact ID , 4+2 and SHIKE communication protocols
    ◆ 90-second sound section records automatically report the alarm and position , and the sound on site can be monitored
    ◆ Onsite arming/disarming or zone arming/disarming through keypad 、extension keypad or remote control unit ; Built-in clock chip makes it possible to automatically arm/disarm and report self-check in fixed time
    ◆ Built-in relay with linked output is able to link video monitoring or other equipment
    ◆ Data of arm , disarm , alarm , powering on/off stored for inquiry
    ◆Function available in terms of remote and linked control over other electrical appliances with long-distance telephone
    ◆ Different alarming telephone number for different alarm condition
    ◆ Auto-reporting of AC power failure , low voltage of battery and detector failure
    Alarm communications Transmitting alarming signal by PSTN dialing Output of power supply (capable of turn-off) DC 12V 500mA
    Alarm communication protocol Contact ID , 4+2 , SHIKE Power supply for alarming DC 12V 500mA
    Number of zones 16 wire +16 wireless zones Max output power capacity DC 12V 1000mA
    Programming mode Keyboard Program , remote Program and timer Applicable temperature -10~55℃
    Alarm response time 200~800ms Applicable humidity <90%
    Memory capability of alarming telephone numbers More than 5 groups of alarming telephone numbers Power supply AC220V±10%、50HZ
    Arming/disarming mode By remote control unit、keypad ,long-distance telephone remote Control, timer Spare power supply DC 12V 7Ah maintenance-free accumulator
    Data memory for inquiry 1 record for power-on time ,10 for arming/disarming times, and 14 for alarm information installation style wall-hanging or embedded
    voice recording 90s Material of casing High-quality steel plate
    Wireless receipt 315M (433M optional) and learning of code checking Dimensions(L·W·H) 264×80×261
    Alarm linked output NO/NC、load: 1A 120VAC/24VDC Weight(plus battery) Approx.3.42kg(Approx.5.58kg)